Last Week (Oct 9th)

Here’s a little recap of last week, which happened in the South Dining Room of Hart House.

Our journal entry topic was to talk about tropes we can’t stand, which was followed by discussion. 

Our prompt used misheard lyrics to Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Scar Tissue”, which we played on speakers generously brought by Mary (Velassera). We recorded the song lines we heard, and afterwards, the actual lyrics were passed around to compare them to. Writers used their favourite misheard lyric to open or close a short story or poem. If they were familiar with the song beforehand, they picked their favourite line.

The most frequently confused-lyric was the line; “with the birds I’ll share this lonely view” in which ‘share’ became ‘shed’. I think my favourite mishear was Nowreen(Guibass)’s translation of “Make it to the moon” as “muck-muck”. At the end of the meeting, we shared some of our personal work. 

Really enjoyed the meeting, and the mishears were hilarious. Thanks to all who came!

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